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 Mabinogi 2

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PostSubject: Mabinogi 2   Mabinogi 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 6:00 pm

So I've been asked almost by everyone on my friend list to the point where I have to hide online. As far as I know Mabingoi 2 is suppose to come out later this year. I Don't Know when. Mabingoi will NOT get shut down. But nexon isn't going to be focusing on MABINGOI anymore. This is why the rush of generations are coming out. They are preparing for Mabi2. Which you have to pay to move Alts and other pets. Right now they need encryptors for the game which is why beta or launch hasn't gone through. I found the original site about it but its in Korean and I can't get it translated. With the limited knowledge was able to get some translated. And other sources are by "Word Of Mouth" not everything is true. So don't go running around saying things and someone else has a different opinion. Question

Thats pretty much it. Anyone got questions post it in the questions section. rabbit
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Mabinogi 2
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